Saturday, 26 February 2011

Lego Love - Cowley St Laurence School

As a child I always had a love for Lego - constantly driving my mother crazy building the same house over and over again (an architect from a young age!), yet, I can safely say I found someone more crazy then me! Over the past two months I have been helping to build a Lego facade for an extension to a school in Hillingdon, London. 

Here is a small scale (almost) project bravely showing how classic and overworked programs can result in a landmark for the immediate community (most known as the home of Heathrow Airport).
The main concept of the school is the massive lego facade which gives a playful character and unique identity to the project.It is not a big surprise that earned the “Guinness World Record for the largest on-ste interlocking Lego build”
“The use of Lego was empowering in the sense that it allowed maximum public participation and facilitated the design process—as a building material implicit to child’s play that is both fun and educational,” says What_architecture director Anthony Hoete.

For me details on this project please follow the link to the article in the AJ education supplement

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