Tuesday, 25 June 2013

3D Reid Prize 2013

I recently have been informed I have been nominated by my university for the 3D Reid Student Prize. To see my entry follow the link below. Please LIKE my entry if you like what you see- theres a cash prize and internship up for grabs!


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Ergodicity Exhibition

I, along with 10 of my fellow students from Canterbury School of Architecture will be showing our thesis work at an exhibition tomorrow night entitled 'Ergodicity' at Mowlem Street Studios in Bethnal Green, London. The event is being sponsored by The Architectural Review. More details can be found on their website. All welcome to attend.


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Inflatable by Art of Space

Nice bit of pro bono inflatable architecture here


Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Open Office with WE MADE THAT @ The Architecture Foundation

Next week I will be working with the practice WE MADE THAT at The Open Office, a walk in urbanism practice for the public at The Architecture Foundation near London Bridge. Through workshops we will looking at the Chatsworth Area in Hackney in relation to the recent Localism Bill 2011. Feel free to drop in....


Monday, 21 January 2013

Competition Proposal

 A little something I have been working on for a certain skyscraper competition, which I hope to adapt into my end of year thesis.....

Tiny Tokyo

Project Background: 50% of the world's population live in cities. this figure is predicted to over 70% by the year 2050, as more and more people migrate to cities from the countryside. As cities are forced to provide more and more facilities to support their rising population, lack of space and the hefty price tag attached to it, has forced them to build upwards. For years the response has been to build skyscrapers. standardised, over scaled and the same the world over, skyscrapers have provided generic accommodation for millions, providing the ideal commercial investment for the city developer. Often as a replacement to aged existing vernacular buildings and communities, every city in the world is now beginning to look and feel the same - a sea of faceless skyscraper boxes. In many cases all idea of culture and tradition has been lost.  
Nowhere is this more apparent than in Tokyo, Japan. with an ancient city ravaged by earthquakes and war, rapidly increasing population and the bubble economy, the ever changing city is littered with rows upon rows of generic skyscrapers, with few examples of japanese vernacular communities, let alone buildings, existing in the city. Defined by the belief from years of Western influence that Western=rich + progress and Japanese=poor + old, the city, home to a quarter of all the Japanese population, is at serious threat of losing much of its social and cultural heritage. the unique character of the city which only comes from different generations of people building, living in, and defining a place, will cease to exist. The chaotic patchwork that has come to represent the ever diverse Tokyo and its people, will vanish.

背景:世界の人口の50%が、これは2050年までに70%以上に上昇すると、都市に住んでいます。より多くの人々が地方から都市への移行として、都市はそれらをサポートするために、より多くの機能を提供することを余儀なくされています。しかし、すでにオーバー混雑都市、およびそれに接続されている多額の値札で使用可能なスペースが不足しているため、構築する唯一の方法は上向きです。長年にわたり人々は建物の高層ビルで、これに対応しています。標準化されたが、オーバースケーリングされ、世界中で同じ、高層ビルは都市開発者のための理想的な商業投資を提供して、何百万人のための一般的な宿泊施設を提供してきました。顔の見えない箱の海に - しばしば高齢既存の方言の建物や地域社会に代わるものとして、世界のあらゆる都市は今同じように見えると感じ始めています。多くの場合、文化と伝統のすべてのアイデアが失われました。いいえここでこれは東京よりも明らかである。地震や戦争、そして急速に人口増加や経済で疲弊古代都市で、刻々と変化する街は、一般的な超高層ビルの行に応じて行が散らばっている。日本の方言のコミュニティのいくつかの例では、市内に存在する、単独で建物を聞かせて、西洋の影響の年からその信念西部=金持ち+進歩とすべて日本の人口の4分の1に日本人=悪い+古い、都市、家庭、ずっとその社会的、文化的遺産のを失う深刻な脅威である。唯一人、建物に住んでいる、と場所への追加の異なる世代から来ている街のユニークなキャラクターは、存在しなくなる。これまで多様な東京とその人を表すようになってきている混沌としたパッチワークは、消える。

Project Design Overview: Why do all skyscrapers have to look the same? Why when building upwards do we have to resort to the generic western skyscraper? Why can’t we build something relevant for the place and the people it will accommodate? Rather than building skyscrapers for profit why not build them for people? tiny tokyo looks at exactly this. Through study of traditional communities in Japan - their urban structure and architecture, and the social and cultural ideas of their people, Tiny Tokyo proposes a 21st century skyscraper unique to Tokyoites. Stacked with all building typologies  commonly found in the remaining villages and towns of Tokyo - Tiny Tokyo is a complete vertical village. with each floor being created by request of the local community rather than being dictated to them, the building is entirely relevant to their needs. Floors are stacked in the order in which they were requested, creating a random 'vertical street'. with a crane permanently located on site to create new floors as needed, and refurbish old floors as needs change, the village is always in a  state of flux - as Shogyo Mujo dictates in Japanese culture. With each floor designed in its own traditional architectural style as is still custom today, (many with a kitch twist, as with so much japanese design)  Tiny Tokyo mimics and celebrates the chaos and diversity of existing tokyo and its architecture. Created with the people as its main driver, the tower is created at a pedestrian 'street scale'. Technically a microscraper, it has low ceiling to floor heights of 2.8m, tiny 9.2m x 9.2m floor plate sizes and a pedestrian paternoster circulation, reflecting also the cultural obsession for the miniature.

In the future population increase dictates we will have to build skyscrapers............... but it doesn’t dictate they have to be generic! 

デザインの概要:なぜすべての高層ビルが同じように見えなければならないのですか?なぜ建物の上方を行うときに我々は一般的な西洋の超高層ビルに頼る必要がありますか?なぜ我々の場所に関連する何かを構築カント、人々はそれが対応するのだろうか?むしろ人々のためにそれらを構築しないで、なぜ利益のために超高層ビルを構築するよりも?小さな東京は、まさにこの時に見えます。日本の伝統的な地域社会の研究を通じて - 彼らの都市構造や建築、そしてそれらの人々の社会的、文化的なアイデア、小さな東京都民に固有の21世紀の超高層ビルを提案している。一般的に東京の残りの村や町、小さな東京で見つかったすべての建物の類型とスタックすることは完全な垂直村です。各フロアは、地域社会ではなく、それらに指示されるよりの依頼により作成されていると、建物は自分のニーズに完全に関連しています。床はランダム'垂直ストリート"を作成、それらが要求された順序で積層されている。クレーンで恒久的に必要に応じて新しいフロアを作成するために、サイト上にあり、Shuygo Mujoに支配し、東京全体に見られるように、ニーズの変化に応じて古い床を改装。まだカスタム今日、(キッチュなひねりを加えた多くの、そんなに日本のデザインと同じように)小さな東京の模倣であり、東京市内とそのアーキテクチャの混沌と多様性を祝うように、独自の伝統的なスタイルで設計された各フロアを持つ。ミニチュアのための文化的な強迫観念を反映した歩行者通りのスケール "、タワー、技術的にはマイクロ超高層ビル、2.8メートル、小さな9.2メートルX9.2メートルの底板サイズと歩行者パタノスター循環の床の高さに低い天井を持っている、で作成された。


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Morag Myerscough: Digital Rug

Love love loving this digital rug by Morag Mysercough for the playspace at Barts....

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Architects' Desks: Carma Masson

'I have two desks, one in my bedroom at home and one amongst the book stacks in the library. Majority of my work gets done at my desk in my bedroom, one of the only things in my room which is not infact rainbow coloured (its blue). 

On my desk you normally find random bits of material from projects I am working on - currently bits of toys, origami, and inflatables as well as a card my boyfriend made me one birthday with his face on it, and my proudest possession - a Bearbrick I bought from a trip to Tokyo. 

My trusty WHsmith chic sketchbook complete with a box of ancient rainbow coloured pens I’ve had since First Year, and a black fineliner sit on my desk as my architectural weapons of choice. A cutting mat and tools are stashed directly underneath my desk in various toolboxes, with bottles of spray paint, card and glue filling every available nook and cranny around my room.

At my feet, due to an unhealthy obsession with Diet Coke, you’ll always find a big bottle, and a fair few empty ones in the bin by my side.

Any free surface (mainly the Floor) is covered in a sea of stacks of books, the brightly coloured picture kind that smell nice, mostly on architecture or product design, with the odd pop up one thrown in for good measure. The stacks continue outside my bedroom door to form an impromptu floor to ceiling bookcase, which in a student house, where space is short, should probably be paying its own rent. 

The walls surrounding my desk are adorned with a mixture of Eboy city graphics, To Do Lists and ‘inspirational’ Post It notes which say things like ‘sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is’ which I bluntly ignore as I snuggle in my rainbow stripe bed opposite. 

Above my head sits my old friend - the clock from my childhood bedroom, set 20 minutes fast so I get to places on time, still looking out for me all these years later.'

Saturday, 27 October 2012

I`m turning Japanese.....

Currently in Tokyo with Canterbury School of Architecture. The weeks architectural delights include the recently completed Skytree, the Tokyo Forum building and Yokohama terminal, although I'm rather looking forward to the Cup Noodle Museum, and seeing some Cosmo play in Harajuku and Karaoke!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

New Website

Posted my first project up on my new Cargo site. Its not much at the mo, but aim to have all my projects up there by the end of the summer!


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Croydon - Public City | London Festival of Architecture

I will be presenting my Graduate Diploma work on New Addington as part of a debate on the future of Croydon running in association with the London Festival of Architecture. For more info please see link below:
Croydon - Public City | London Festival of Architecture

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A 'Festival' Bridge for York

I have recently been working on tweaking my undergraduate portfolio. Here's one of my 3rd year projects - a moving bridge for York

Friday, 8 June 2012

Canterbury School of Architecture End of Year Show 2012

 Just been to CSA End of Year Show private view that I have been helping to create over the past week. Its running from Mon 11th-Wed 13th of June 2012 10am-5pm at UCA Canterbury. Well worth a view. Heres some of my highlights.....


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Rooftop crazy golf.....

Currently designing a rooftop themed crazy golf course. Only got one day to do the design. Pictures will follow shortly!

Sunday, 22 April 2012

My blog QR reference, how very 21st century.....

Care of my boyfriend, my blog now its own QR reference! Thanks Nick

Monday, 16 April 2012

Plane Sailing | London Festival of Architecture

Check out the details for the event im hosting with fellow student Kervoelen Yves at London Festival of Architecture this year. More info to follow!

Plane Sailing | London Festival of Architecture

to follow progress on this project see our tumblr


Friday, 13 April 2012

Glue Magazine

Check out my work, as well as other inspiring artists work across its five campuses, in the latest issue (March 2012) of The University for the Creative Arts in school magazine 'GLUE.'


Monday, 19 March 2012

'Welcome to Suburbia' New Project.....

Currently designing new leisure facilities for New Addington as part of  Charles Holland's studio 'The New Civic' at Canterbury School of Architecture. Heres a little taster of things to come......

Saturday, 25 February 2012

great minds think alike......

Steve Keil: A manifesto for play for Bulgaria and Beyond

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Flushed with Pride: The Ideal Public Toilet 'Tempio Della Toilette'

For our most recent studio project 'Welcome to Ruburbia' we were given the task of identifying a building and designing and the ideal version of it to sit within the fictional suburb of Ruburbia. After much deliberation, I chose to design the ideal public toilet 'Tempio Della Toilette' (Temple of the Toilet)

More details and photos of project to follow.....

Monday, 6 February 2012

Manifesto for a Playful City

The entire essay is posted on my other blog: http://ramblingsofanarchitecturestudent.blogspot

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

what he said.....

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” 
George Bernard Shaw

London Festival of Architecture 2012 - 'The Playful City'

As an eager follower of the London Festival of Architecture for many years now, I was, in light of the new year, eager to see if NLA and AF had thought of a theme yet. To my delight the theme has been chosen 'The Playful City' - it couldn't be more relevant to my current train of thought! The synopsis is as below. Expect details of my festival contribution here shortly!

'The theme of the 2012 the London Festival of Architecture is The Playful City. As the UK’s largest celebration of buildings and the built environment, the next Festival will take place across London from 23 June – 8 July 2012 and be delivered in partnership by four key organisations: The Architecture Foundation, New London Architecture, RIBA London, and a new partner- to enable an expanded international element in the Olympic year- the British Council.

The LFA’s mission, since its origins in 2004, has been to reveal the potentials latent within the city, in particular its public realm, by increasing access and suggesting alternative positive uses.

The Playful City continues this mission by proposing ways in which Londoners, as well as visitors to this global hub, can be active participants in the city. From reinterpreting familiar places through new installations and animations, and redesigning public spaces to encourage physical fitness in the spirit of the Olympic Games, to testing interactive forms of consultation and planning for future urban development, festival participants will be encouraged to play in, and play with, the city around them.'

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Scott Burnham, my new found architectural hero.....

Discovered this guy the other day - http://scottburnham.com/bio/. He describes himself as:

'a social entrepreneur, creative strategist, creative director and writer dedicated to reprogramming our relationships with design and the city, working with a number of cities, institutions and publications worldwide.' 

As I have mentioned before, I am very interested in this idea of  making the city more playful - Scott being the creator of 'Urban Play' for Droog Design. http://scottburnham.com/urbanplay/. Photos below.

'Droog Design and I assembled a team of some of the most innovative designers and architects from around the world to create 12 newly designed interventions, tools, toys and objects that are temporarily placed along a route on the central IJ-riverfront in Amsterdam. Reversing the traditional approach to urban design, in which objects and areas are created explicitly to discourage public interaction and intervention, this collection of objects were created to encourage interaction and physical engagement by the public. Urban Play poses the question that we hear so much about the “creative city”, but when to we actually get to see it in action?'

Monday, 12 December 2011

Candy Canon

I recently kitted myself out with a Canon EOS 550D as present  before I started university. Having bought a case and spare battery I thought I had everything I needed....CLEARLY I was wrong!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

My kinda competition: Volkswagon's: 'The Fun Theory'

Volkswagen recently set up a design competition to design a product that through using fun, helped to changed peoples behavior for the better. I have always been a firm believer in using fun as tool for engaging with people - expect my entry next year!

                                 piano stairs

competition website     http://www.thefuntheory.com/

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Steven Lawrence Foundation Mentoring

I'm not sure if I mentioned in the past my link with the Stephen Lawrence foundation or not, so today, having yesterday been to view the 'One and Eight' Steven Lawrence Foundation Bursuary program exhibition, seems like a good time to mention it. For two years now I have been a mentor to an architecture student from a disadvantage London background. As an architecture student myself that has made lots of mistakes along the way, I felt I could pass on my knowledge, both theoretical and practical to another student. Through the Stephen Lawrence Center, I was paired with one of their bursary students, and now regularly meet up him to discuss his work, attend exhibitions and talks of use, and generally ensure his architectural and personal well being.  It is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Sadly the scheme is not running this year as funds have been cut, but it will resume next year. For now however you can see some of the work produced by the bursary students at the following exhibition:


Monday, 14 November 2011

No one puts Teddy in the corner.....

I have recently started studying for my Post Graduate Diploma of Architecture at The University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury. Our first project was a design competition set in the Market Square in Dover. Our task was to design a fountain cover to protect the existing fountain from damage during both public events, during which the square was used to screen public events (olympics, wimbedon etc) , and  during cold winter months. My design consisted of a creating a giant pink teddy bean bag (see pictures below) which would provide a comfortable place to relax for all. See details of my entry below.

Design Synopsis:
Centred around Dover Councils desire to create the feeling of a ‘Living Room’ within Market Square, Nounours ( French for teddy bear) is aimed at creating a comfortable and homely space within the centre of the city. Questioning ideas of what defines public and private space, the installation allows the use to engage in behaviour only previously undertaken within the home- allowing them to lie down and ‘snuggle up’ to watch the Big Screen. In addition, the installation allows for new types of activity in the space such as book readings, and open air cinema events- the position of the bear being able to be changed accordingly. The design is both playful and purposeful- fitting in with MUF’s three principles for development in Dover, as outlined in their document in 2009, and in addition with the Dover Museum’s year long exhibition entitled ‘Our Childhood Past.’ What’s more....it’s a whole lot of fun

Details for the winning design will be on Dover Councils website early next year........ http://www.dover.gov.uk/

Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Klassnik Corporation

Been meaning to flag up this company for a while - The Klassnik Corporation.  I met Tomas Klassnik at a crit I went to watch at London Metropolitan unversity the other day. They describe themselves as 'a London based interdisciplinary design practice focused on architectural research'.   For me their work ticks all the boxes - both fun and functional. I particularly like the Bunk Bed Bus Stops - what Londoner wouldnt?

bunk bed bus stops

RIBA Regent Street Windows Project 2011

Just finished a project in May working with Scott Brownrigg helping to create an installation as part of RIBA's Regent Street Windows Project 2011. Hope to work with them again soon. :)

Design Synopsis: Advancements in technologies and communication will have a profound affect on the development of the Cities of Tomorrow. Despite their geographical distances, cities will become increasingly more connected and accessible in everyday life as the result of the ever growing use and impact of the internet on our lives.

Essentially we all live in a giant network of cities, where there are no boundaries. This will create new dimensions to architecture within tomorrow’s world. Reflecting this idea, each pyramid represents a City of Tomorrow; each city is effectively limitless, and forms part of this ever growing global network.

Cities are also symbolic of the manmade world, but it is a world which is gradually being destroyed by those who have created it. With the issues surrounding global warming becoming more evident in our lives, the dangers associated with excessive UV light as a result of ozone depletion will need to be addressed further. The coloured light from the pyramids represents these UV light issues, these will continue to cast themselves upon us as we live in our Cities of Tomorrow.

for further details see: http://www.ribablogs.com/?tag=regent-street-windows-project

Monday, 5 September 2011

Thornhill School

Just found out that a building I helped design while working for WHAT_architecture has been given the go ahead. An article on the piece was featured in the February issue of the AJ -


Saturday, 13 August 2011

We ♥ the Suburbs - Cluny Summer Pavillion

I recently got involved in building a summer pavilion alongside two fellow University of Sheffield Graduates Melanie Bax and Sarah Considine. The Pavilion was part of a project entitled We ♥ the Suburbs, dedicated to celebrating the Suburbs, understanding some of its often neglected issues and using design as a tool to tackle them. With the help of volunteers like myself, Sarah and Melanie created a temporary pavilion space in which to hold summer events in the Cluny Estate, South End. Events will be taking place in the pavilion throughout the summer. See the website for details.

For more information see the website http://weheartthesuburbs.blogspot.com/

Friday, 15 July 2011

Bartlett School Summer Show 2011

This Summer I spent much time attending various end of year shows around the country, both out of interest and in an attempt to make my mind up about which university to attend for my Part II. Of all the shows I attended I was most impressed by the work of the Bartlett, which I felt this year was particularly diverse and showed a great range of ideas and skills. Heres one of my favourites:

Thursday, 16 June 2011


Just discovered youandmearhitecture - liking their work a lot. A fairly new practice of two members, both having both graduated from the RCA, they describe themselves as a 'London based design platform....(who) makes things - a postcard, a book, a house, a city, using playful, challenging and inclusive methologies.'


They recently held an exhibition entitled 'Hatitecture' in which they challenged various up-and-coming artists and architects to come up with London inspired hats as part of London Design Week 2010. Here's a photo of all the entries....

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Lego Love - Cowley St Laurence School

As a child I always had a love for Lego - constantly driving my mother crazy building the same house over and over again (an architect from a young age!), yet, I can safely say I found someone more crazy then me! Over the past two months I have been helping to build a Lego facade for an extension to a school in Hillingdon, London. 

Here is a small scale (almost) project bravely showing how classic and overworked programs can result in a landmark for the immediate community (most known as the home of Heathrow Airport).
The main concept of the school is the massive lego facade which gives a playful character and unique identity to the project.It is not a big surprise that earned the “Guinness World Record for the largest on-ste interlocking Lego build”
“The use of Lego was empowering in the sense that it allowed maximum public participation and facilitated the design process—as a building material implicit to child’s play that is both fun and educational,” says What_architecture director Anthony Hoete.

For me details on this project please follow the link to the article in the AJ education supplement

Friday, 21 May 2010

Barbican or not to Barbican? That is the question...

The Barbican are thinking about possibly getting me to design a travelling pop up installtion for them for over the summer based on my design for LFA 2010. The idea would be that it would be an interview room that records peoples responses to all the summer creative events they are holding..... Watch this space....

Thursday, 13 May 2010

POP UP and CONFESS! Sponsored by New London Architecture!

Having visited the London Festival of Architecture a few times now, I finally mustered up the courage to design my own installation for the Festival. The theme this year is 'Preparing for the Olympics' - which got me thinking about all the new building that will soon start to take place that will begin to transform London as we know it. Still today, there is a great level of distrust between architects and the public, and I was keen to create something, ahead of all this building, repair this relationship. New London Architecture took a liking to the scheme and have provided me with sponsorship to run with the project and get it made!

Ever stolen your mate's idea? Bribed your way to the front of the print queue? Blagged your way through a design review? Yeah sure you haven't......
As us architects prepare for the architectural transformation of our city ready for the 2012 Olympics, wouldn't it be nice to be able to clear your architectural conscience and start a fresh?
Based on the South bank, on 3-4 July as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2010, The Pop -Up confessional allows just this.
Come tell us your architectural sins and receive your' I've Confessed!' badge (sure to be a collectors item,)

Remember to come visit me 3-4 July on the South Bank! 

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Architecture for Humainty - London Architecture Week 2010

I am currently busy designing a structure for London Architecture Week on behalf of ASF + Article 25 and AFHUK. Will be around Regent Street somewhere- site not yet confirmed 19-20 of June. Check it out.

Friday, 15 January 2010

New Job @ WHAT_architecture

Just started work at WHAT_architecture. Farah says hi.

Heres a little bit of background as taken from their own website..............

WHAT_architecture produces designs, applied research and buildings in the fields of architecture, urbanism and landscape. Early projects such as the Venice exhibit (‘91 Bienale Prize), the Temple of Laughter (Artifice ‘94, AD ‘95) and House on Motiti (Blueprint ‘98, Experimental Houses + New Vernacular ‘99) brought WHAT_architecture to the attention of a wide field of clients and gave the office critical acclaim. WHAT_architecture continues to pursue its fascination with space and mobility described in the book ROAM: “the contemporary world is one characterized by the mobility of people, goods and information”. Spatial mobility embraces responsive uses to space (012hil_rooftop nursery has numerous operational modes), circulatory space (001sar_sargeant gallery has curatorial circulation), infrastructural space (000fly_flyover house generates garden housing over offramps), transport nodes (000vac_ office tower as vertical roundabout)...

WHAT_architecture uses an iterative process to design space that produces greater choice for the client. Options, variations and permutations install confidence and mitigate against risk as the design process is informed by selection and elimination. The products of this approach vary in size and type: from installation to master planning. Current projects include both public and private and are scattered around the globe including: an eco-tourism hotel in NZ, a hotel extension in Rotterdam, an old person’s home in Germany, an Olympic landmark, childrens’ centres, an art cell and housing in London. By simply asking 'what?' everything is discourse!


Photos of its award winning rooftop nursery......

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Oh the joys of unemployment.....

Like many other architecture students at the moment I am facing the reality of unemployment. Rather than moan about it I have decided instead to take decisive action and think of new ways of getting noticed. I recently posted 60 of these flyers through architecture office doors throughout London.  Now I sit and wait.......fingers crossed!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Ansham and Flux Launch Party

Just began work at Ansham Architects, a fairly new multidispliary design practice based in Folkestone, Kent. My first project of the day was to design and curate an a networking/exhibition event for the company. The event was a great success- pictures shown below:

for more details of their work see http://www.ansham.com/

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Criminal Graphics

loving the new graphics for the new Criminal catalogue.......shame about the clothes - same old, same old


Monday, 22 June 2009

Nike Snowboarding: Danny Kass Collection

During my time in Canada I came across a few sights that took my breath away, but nothing so much as the new Danny Kass Snowboarding Collection for Nike.

To accompany these delightful treats, Nike has made a promotional video which is defiantly worth a view. Find the link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQVXpX4mhsM