Sunday, 18 November 2012

Architects' Desks: Carma Masson

'I have two desks, one in my bedroom at home and one amongst the book stacks in the library. Majority of my work gets done at my desk in my bedroom, one of the only things in my room which is not infact rainbow coloured (its blue). 

On my desk you normally find random bits of material from projects I am working on - currently bits of toys, origami, and inflatables as well as a card my boyfriend made me one birthday with his face on it, and my proudest possession - a Bearbrick I bought from a trip to Tokyo. 

My trusty WHsmith chic sketchbook complete with a box of ancient rainbow coloured pens I’ve had since First Year, and a black fineliner sit on my desk as my architectural weapons of choice. A cutting mat and tools are stashed directly underneath my desk in various toolboxes, with bottles of spray paint, card and glue filling every available nook and cranny around my room.

At my feet, due to an unhealthy obsession with Diet Coke, you’ll always find a big bottle, and a fair few empty ones in the bin by my side.

Any free surface (mainly the Floor) is covered in a sea of stacks of books, the brightly coloured picture kind that smell nice, mostly on architecture or product design, with the odd pop up one thrown in for good measure. The stacks continue outside my bedroom door to form an impromptu floor to ceiling bookcase, which in a student house, where space is short, should probably be paying its own rent. 

The walls surrounding my desk are adorned with a mixture of Eboy city graphics, To Do Lists and ‘inspirational’ Post It notes which say things like ‘sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is’ which I bluntly ignore as I snuggle in my rainbow stripe bed opposite. 

Above my head sits my old friend - the clock from my childhood bedroom, set 20 minutes fast so I get to places on time, still looking out for me all these years later.'

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