Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Scott Burnham, my new found architectural hero.....

Discovered this guy the other day - http://scottburnham.com/bio/. He describes himself as:

'a social entrepreneur, creative strategist, creative director and writer dedicated to reprogramming our relationships with design and the city, working with a number of cities, institutions and publications worldwide.' 

As I have mentioned before, I am very interested in this idea of  making the city more playful - Scott being the creator of 'Urban Play' for Droog Design. http://scottburnham.com/urbanplay/. Photos below.

'Droog Design and I assembled a team of some of the most innovative designers and architects from around the world to create 12 newly designed interventions, tools, toys and objects that are temporarily placed along a route on the central IJ-riverfront in Amsterdam. Reversing the traditional approach to urban design, in which objects and areas are created explicitly to discourage public interaction and intervention, this collection of objects were created to encourage interaction and physical engagement by the public. Urban Play poses the question that we hear so much about the “creative city”, but when to we actually get to see it in action?'

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