Wednesday, 4 January 2012

London Festival of Architecture 2012 - 'The Playful City'

As an eager follower of the London Festival of Architecture for many years now, I was, in light of the new year, eager to see if NLA and AF had thought of a theme yet. To my delight the theme has been chosen 'The Playful City' - it couldn't be more relevant to my current train of thought! The synopsis is as below. Expect details of my festival contribution here shortly!

'The theme of the 2012 the London Festival of Architecture is The Playful City. As the UK’s largest celebration of buildings and the built environment, the next Festival will take place across London from 23 June – 8 July 2012 and be delivered in partnership by four key organisations: The Architecture Foundation, New London Architecture, RIBA London, and a new partner- to enable an expanded international element in the Olympic year- the British Council.

The LFA’s mission, since its origins in 2004, has been to reveal the potentials latent within the city, in particular its public realm, by increasing access and suggesting alternative positive uses.

The Playful City continues this mission by proposing ways in which Londoners, as well as visitors to this global hub, can be active participants in the city. From reinterpreting familiar places through new installations and animations, and redesigning public spaces to encourage physical fitness in the spirit of the Olympic Games, to testing interactive forms of consultation and planning for future urban development, festival participants will be encouraged to play in, and play with, the city around them.'

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